A Hoop Dance Retreat for all levels!

20th until 25th  July 2018 

Would you love to relax and find a deeper connection with yourself, your hooping and with your hooping community? Are you ready to leave behind your normal life for a week and learn more than you have ever expected?

Visit The Heart & Hoop Dance Retreat next year!  

We believe hooping is a doorway to true creativity and growth. We believe that hooping stimulates honesty and a sense of intimacy with yourself. We feel that in our hoop we are safe, we are at home and we know what to do and what not to. It doesn’t matter what level we think we are. It’s so easy to feel equal while hooping together! As we all know our challenges and we know our fears. 

We believe that hooping and sharing with others in a safe setting can really help to find a deeper connection with yourself. We know that, once we feel connected, we will see our path in daily life more clearly and are able to follow it in a more relaxed way. 

We offer 4 to 5 hrs a day high quality hoopdance workshops by renowned Hoopdance teachers from all over the world. This we combine with yoga, meditation, and Movin Body lessons in mornings and free-dance, live music and relaxation sessions in evenings. We share a fire hooping ritual and have a great private forest. Your stay is fully accommodated incl. all organic food and snacks.  Stay in a 2-6 p. bedroom or tent in and around our cosy Dutch Farmhouse.

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the team

Check our program page.Our first retreat in 2014 was a great success. In 2018 we will celebrate our fifth year! Check out the testimonials of our participants.

Heart and Hoopdance crew:

Mirjam Douma, Jivan Bodelier, Ruud Wessels & David Gustavsson

Heart & Hoop Dance retreat organised by: