Hoop Dance Retreat for all levels!

17th until 22th  July 2017

The Heart & Hoop Dance Retreat has proven to be the (hoop-)dance retreat that truly challenges you to leave behind any normal routine.  

As facilitators we simply love so much to create a balanced and intense program offered by experienced teachers and practitioners. We select them with just one thing in our minds: our search for creativity, inspiration and flow.

We offer 4 to 5 hrs a day high quality hoop dance workshops combined with yoga, meditation, free-dance, live music and relaxation sessions. Full accommodation in a 2-6 p. bedroom or tent on our charming Dutch farm incl. 3 healthy organic meals a day.

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the team

Check our program page.Our first retreat in 2014 was a great success. Check out the testimonials of participants of 2014.


Heart and Hoopdance crew

Mirjam Douma, Jivan Bodelier, Ruud wesseld, David Gustavsson

Heart & Hoop Dance retreat organised by:

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