Cat could not hoop as a child. She first picked up an adult dance hoop in 2009 and has never looked back. Having spent years practicing ballet, from an early age, Cat knew she loved to dance but found that the formality of ballet training and a lack of confidence in early adulthood left her feeling restrained. Since discovering the hoop, Cat now enjoys allowing her ballet training to suffuse her movement with the hoop. Hoop dance for Cat has been and still is, a journey of self discovery and self expression… and FUN!

Cat has taught in a wide variety of areas both in the non hoop and hoop world. Cat holds a Further and Adult Teaching Certificate and has taught university students, school parents and general public in the wider world as well as adult hoop classes and workshops. She also has two children and experience leading after school clubs in addition to her hoop teaching with youth groups and children’s parties.

In summary, Cat loves to hoop and bringing that joy to others gives her huge pleasure.

Inhale-Exhale Workshop

We will focus on breath and movement, our hula-hoop dance both leading and being led by our breath.

Cat will encourage you to move by setting exercises to follow – enough structure to help you comfortably break through movement barriers and learned behaviour. Let’s shift the focus from trick ‘perfection’ and unlock different ways of moving.

Suitable for all levels – you just need to listen and let go. It’s your dance.. so do it your way.

Bring a hoop light enough for free movement, an open mind and a quiet tongue, for this meditative movement session.