Caterina Suttin started hooping in July 2009 in Austin Texas. She has been sharing her love of the hoop through traveling, performing and teaching for the past 5 years. She enjoys using 1,2,4 and 6 hoops. For years her goal was to find the balance between tech and flow. The past two years she has been focused on fusing dance with hoop technique through studying Latin dance, footwork and rhythm and with her collaboration in SalsaHOOP. Caterina Suttin has taught and performed throughout Asia, Europe, Canada and Mexico, as well as all over the USA

SalsaHOOP workshop:  Caterina Suttin and Kristina Sutcliffe have been working together, combining their unique approaches to movement and hooping to develop SalsaHOOP and Twin Rhythms. SalsaHOOP is the fusion of Latin Dance and Rhythms with Hoop Technique. Caterina and Kristina have discovered that by using the body fully and adding footwork can facilitate learning of simple and complex hoop techniques. The teaching technique that has evolved is accessible for the beginner to advanced hooper and can be done with one to four hoops.
Caterina shares her mastery of highly technical hoop tricks, drills and breakdown of these techniques while Kristina shares her vast knowledge of body movement, complex rhythms and choreography and together they create a fusion of saturated, intentional movement with the inherent poly rhythms of dance and hoop techniques and mix it into a hot, fiery and fully embodied dance that is SalsaHOOP and Twin Rhythms.

Breathing Breaks workshop: Breathing Breaks is a practice in using the hoop to tap into a rhythm and intentionally connecting your breath to it. In this workshop we will explore the hoop’s rhythm with various breathing exorcizes to build up to the quick breathwork involved in Breathing Breaks.  We will also work with several breaking techniques with the hoop both on and off the body, as well as explore different ways to bring conscious breath every part of your own hooping practice. I will also invite everyone connect their own intentions to their movements to create ones own unique breathing practice with the hoop.