A self-taught artist in the manipulation of hula hoops, she also dedicates herself to the study of dance in order to find new possibilities for creation and movement. She is currently working on her solo projects and in Triskle Project show, with Gustavo Ollitta and Alexandre Salomão. At same time collaborates with several circus companies, and integrates the collective Maya-Lila and Biolumini. Has acted in many different national and international festivals and cabarets. As a teacher, she has been teaching hoop creation and technique for beginners and advanceds all around Brazil since 2011 and also in Madrid, Berlin, and Italy. In Brasil was contemplated in 2011 with Proac Prize for Circus Act Production with Fire Hoops Act, and in 2014, with  Funarte Circus Praze and São Paulo Circu’s Fomento, both with the act Meus Tons de Mulher, which uses painting hoops. Since 2014 has developed researches and productions in the area of video-dance, together with the also filmmaker Alexandre Salomão. In 2015 she was the producer and director of the III Brazilian Hoop Convention

+ Musician Alexandre Salomão

Alexandre is specialized in didgeridoo and percussion. Studies the timbre relations within the soundscapes of places, and proposes artistic interactions with other languages. Relates all his music research to build a musicality with influences from rhythms of northeastern Brazil, African northwest, Australian north and Arab culture. He’s currently playing and performing with Triskle Project and other groups like Didgeridoo Orchestra, Embuás group, Percudidge group, Panjeya orchestra. Have made shows in big and important brazilian events like Carnaval and Garanhuns Winter Festival and also international shows in Berlin and Italy.

Fire Dance workshop: This workshop aims to expand your repertoire with fire hula hoop and your way of expression with it. We are going to work on fire hoop tricks with and without fire. Next to that we will focus on dance & movement with your fire. Accompanied by live music. Together we will create a warm and exciting fire ritual for each hooper. We will make sure you will achieve an intimate state with your fire and, from that state, you will be able to dance more freely. This workshop is about discovering new possibilities of expression and symbiosis with the fire hula hoop in an organic way.