Rachael Lust is a former gymnast and daughter of a gymnastics coach. She began hooping in July 2011 and was awarded 2014 Female Hooper of the Year by hooping.org. She has been touring and teaching for 3 years with breaks and paddles being her specialty. She enjoys fast hooping and likes to incorporate acrobatics into her training.

Breaks workshop: In this workshop, we will explore a number of different break variations including regular breaks, double arm, elbow, knee and pinch breaks. We will also cover ways to clean up existing breaks and how to maintain a flat plane. This workshop is suitable for all skill levels.

Leg workshop: This workshop will be packed full of random, flashy tricks using only the legs. Suitable for beginners and advanced hoopers. Tricks will include dirty pizza toss, scissor switches, knee sticks, foot to foot passes, knee to knee and many more!