Birte Poi

Birte has been a fire-performer since 2005 and she´s been hooping since 2009. She has taught hula hoop at the EJC in Finland, Munich and Lublin, at the German Hoop Convention, SWHoop in Bristol, and many German and international Juggling Conventions. Birte is a very skilful and passionate teacher.
She is known to break down seemingly complicated tricks into their separate parts and visualize them, so they become comprehensible. Her hooping is defined by poi style tricks as much as manipulations, isolations, floor-hooping and juggling.

Workshop description:

We have all been there, in the moment of flow, everything is soft and movement and relaxed. But then, there come the isolations, and all of a sudden, there is tightness, focus on the hoop only, no room to think about movement and the body. I want to change that with you. I want to show you, how to coax movements out of the isolations. Most of them are already there, suggested by the isolation, if you know how to look for them. I will try to sharpen your senses, so you can find your very personal ways to move your isolations, the new as much as the old ones.