How can I be sure that my place is guaranteed?
The date that we receive your email that you want to book, will be considered as your booking date.  We’ll send you an agreement through email as soon as we receive your payment.  You’ll need to bring this filled in agreement to your retreat. This is your ticket.

Do I have to pay all at once?
We prefer that you pay all at once.  It is also possible to pay in two times. Please send us a email if you cannot pay all at once and we’ll see what we can do.

How can I pay my ticket?
By transfer to our bank account. You will get the details after your booking.

Can I cancel my booking?
The early bird tickets are NON- refundable, only transferable.  Other tickets are refundable. Your will read more about this on your agreement.

Accommodation & stay:

Can I borrow a hoop?
Yes, we have hoops to borrow. We offer big beginner hoops and intermediate hoops. Very light (poly-pro) or twin hoops you have to bring yourself. Check the programme to find out which hoop you want to bring.

Can I buy a hoop?
We have hoops for sale. We offer the collection of Hooplovers hoops (www.hooplovers.nl) and will have some extra special coloured polypro hoops for sale. If you like a special hoop to be delivered to you at the start of the retreat ?  Contact info @ hooplovers.nl

I have a diet, is that a problem?
No, just tell us in advance through email or when you fill in your agreement.

What do I need to bring?
Besides the usual, please bring: • Towels   • a pillow to sit on  • sarong  • flip flops  • mosquito repellent   • sunscreen   • water bottle  • your favourite hoop & dance music on CD/mp3  • music instruments  • earplugs  • warm sweater  • muscle rub  • blindfold  • if you have a yoga mat, please bring  • camera or phone so you can film recap of workshops  • cash if you think about booking a private session, buying a hoop or a drink (other than coffee or tea)  • diary to write in.

Can I choose what room I will be in?
You can tell us your preference. Please mention it if you come together with a friend. We will try to put you in the same room then.

What clothes are good for hooping?
Clothes that allow you to move freely in your dance, so comfy clothes, are good for hooping.


When does the retreat start?
On Monday 17 of July you can arrive from 11 in the morning and get comfy in your room.  At lunch we have a meet & greet. In the afternoon the program starts.  Saturday the 22 we finish in the afternoon around 14.00. 

Can I follow all workshops or do I have to choose?
You can follow all workshops.

I am a beginner hooper, can I still follow all hoop workshops?
All workshops are accessible for all hoopers. One workshop will be more advanced than others but the teachers are capable of tuning in to your level. Private lessons are available if desired.

I am an advanced hooper, is this program interesting for me?
All workshops are accessible for all hoopers. One workshop will be more challenging than others but the teachers are capable of tuning in to your level.

I never do meditations, can I still follow all lessons?
The meditations will be accessible for everyone. Most of the inspirational teachers are used to having mixed groups. Movement is the heart of our retreat, in the workshop program but also in the inspirational program.

Can I skip parts of the program?
You are totally free to put together the program the way you like it. It is your retreat. If you need some rest, free time or arrange a private session or lesson in workshop time you are free to do so.  Always take good care of yourself!