Brecken Rivara

Sometimes when we hear a great song and we have our hoop we really want to get down, but not everybody gets down the way Brecken Rivara does. She gets down even further than some of us are willing to go, all the way down to the floor. Brecken, who keeps adding a seemingly endless stream of new and innovative moves to her already amazing repertoire, shares her floor hooping with us here, very ably demonstrating that at any level her hoop is in good hands, feet and spirit.

Brecken is a well-loved member of the hoop community. From what I can tell, everyone adores her. She is humble, approachable, and has a hoop style that is completely unique. Brecken designed a special workshop called * the Wave* which takes you into a more floating and liquid body awareness. Out of this space she is building up moves that feel like waves which will give you a completely new feeling of hooping. Brecken will also give her Floorworkshop in which we learn several rolling techniques and how to use the momentum of the Hoop.