Rico Titou

Born in France, after years of travelling and performing around the globe, graduated at the University of The Art of entertaining, juggling, fire-spinning and stilts walking specialist, Rico is based in the EU with a half day-job: employed by the French juggling prop distributor.  www.ribouldistribution.com

In 2008 Rico developed a hyper-vertical hula hoop position: Asymmetrical Angle Hooping is a technique to hoop vertically while keeping the body in an upright position. This effect is achieved with a combination of belly dance and contact staff skills. Rico’s workshops will teach you how to find grounding while spinning and how to get into rhythmic movements.

After 6 years of playing hoop, he reached a new dimension and conception of dancing with a hoop. Called Maestro in Mexico, he taught and performed at Hoopcamp 2011 & 2012, Santa Cruz, CA. Proud of having been where the hoop comes from and reaching the top playing as a Fire performer at Burning Man the same years, Rico invented a new style of hooping!