Mirjam Douma

In 2011 Mirjam stepped in a hoop for the first time. Her first teachers ever were Anah Reichenbach and Jonathan Baxter. She had no idea of the possibilities of the hoop and totally fell in love with the feeling after the workshops.

Now she is a Hoopdance teachers for almost 7 years. Meeting so many different hoopers she found her passion is to work on ways to dive deeper into on-body flow and the effect on self- awareness. As organizer of the Heart & Hoop Dance retreat in The Netherlands she is sure about one thing: the hoop helps you to open your body, your heart & your mind in a magical and playful way no other prop can.

Knowing this, in her own style she is focusing on styles & techniques that have this opening effect. She loves fast and funky as long as your body is in a dance flow. This research combined with her work as a trainer and roleplaying-actor resulted in a fairly new business training called ‘the Power of the Hulahoop’.