Araliya Bosma

Ecstatic Dance Journey

During the Ecstatic dance Journey Araliya will facilitate a crazy energetic and intimate Ecstatic Dance Journey.

This is an opportunity for a deeper dive into movement. The dance will still be your own, but she provides some guides to explore your inner journey, connection and awareness. Ecstatic Dance is about allowing your body to move freely, inspired by different styles of music.

You can dance alone or with somebody else.

‘’Walking is moving, moving is dancing’’

You do not have to do anything at all, just be curious and feel comfortable. This workshop will inspire you and takes you on a flow journey through movement, sound and rhythm. Experience the freedom that is actually always there for you.

Freedom in your choices, actions and decisions through dance. Dare and explore to walk your own path which can be a challenge at times.

‘’For me dance is a metaphor for life. The dance floor is the battlefield of live.A place to connect with myself and to connect someone else if I want’’

Araliya creates a sacred place where you can dance and move freely. Dance like your on a party or festival or experience it as movement meditation. Move from thinking to your own emotions and expressions. Connect with yourself and others through movement.

Have fun, connect, embrace and celebrate all.

See you soon on the dance floor! 🙂